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Elder Law Services

Elder law services are not just legal services for the elderly. They’re the safeguards that people put in place to protect themselves and their loved ones from the uncertainty and legal trip-ups we all face in the modern world.

At Elder Law Lawyers, we create customized solutions that promote financial security and minimize loss. We work with your budget to find the best solutions for passing your wealth on to your heirs, not creditors or the government. You can find out more information about the services we offer below, or contact us today to arrange your no-obligation consultation. We make it easy to enjoy a simplified, streamlined experience for meeting your life-planning needs.

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Reach out to our experienced elder law attorneys to arrange your initial consultation and explore the services best suited to benefit you and your family.

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Elder Law Attorneys in Lexington & Northern Kentucky

Find flexible solutions that preserve your finances and ensure your wealth is passed on to your heirs as you choose. A consultation with Elder Law Lawyers gives you the confidence to make decisions that lead to financial security. Reach out to us to book your consultation appointment and get a leg up on preparing for the unexpected.

What's the Best Way to Save Your Home from Medicaid?

Find the answer to this question and more! Explore information about nursing home planning, Medicaid planning, Medicaid estate recovery, long-term care planning, qualified income trusts, and irrevocable trusts.

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Estate Planning

Our estate planning services create structure and protect what’s most important to you. Learn about probate, advance directives, power of attorney, wills, revocable trusts, living trusts, and adult guardianships.

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Special Needs Trusts & Administration

Work with our team to arrange solutions that provide for the long-term support of your loved one with disabilities. Through STABLE/ABLE accounts, adult guardianships, and other solutions, we help families enjoy peace of mind.

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It can be easy to put off long-term planning, but the best time to make these decisions is now. Take initiative and make your senior care and estate plans with the help of Elder Law Lawyers. Our experienced attorneys will work with your budget to provide personalized legal support that meets your long-term needs and sees to the priorities that matter most to you. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

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We Protect Your Home & Life Savings

March 19, 2024

What Happens to a Special Needs Trust at Death?

A special needs trust provides long-term care for someone who has special needs. The funds within this trust pay for medical bills,…

March 19, 2024

Autism Awareness: America and Local Communities

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These services are only in part about preparing for death—for the most part, they’re about preparing for life. It can be hard to see when we follow our routines day in and day out, but life is always full of surprises, and not all of them will be good for your family. 

At Elder Law Lawyers, we’re dedicated to saving you money and helping you prepare for whatever life throws at you. You won’t spend a penny more than you have to, and we’ll only recommend the services we believe will benefit your circumstances. Reach out to us today to book your consultation and learn more about staying ahead of unpredictable circumstances by putting thoughtful protections in place that benefit your loved ones.

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